Flex 3 battery replacement... what should i expect?

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I am considering buying a Flex 3 15 inch. All of these newer, flexible laptops hide their batteries away where they arent as accessible as the ones i am accustomed to. I have had bad experience with Dell batteries dying after a year or 2, but those i can at least buy and replace with ease. The Flex is more like a tablet in that you have to be experienced at taking apart laptops in order to replace anything.
So if i purchase this laptop, i want to get an idea of what i have to look forward to as far as the battery. How many years can i expect it to last before having to replace it? Lenovo said i would have to send it in to be replaced, but im guessing that assumes that i dont know how to do it (which, honestly, i dont). How expensive can i expect it to be to send in my laptop to have the battery replaced? Im expecting it to be around $200 since the battery is probably $100 already.
Since the model i am looking at is already $900, i dont want to spend another $200 every few years. Is that about what i can expect? Has anyone had an experience with the Yoga or similar laptop that might shed some light on this?
For one, you can take extended warranty for upto 3 years with just $100 (I think), so that should put your mind at ease for that much time.
I had Lenovo Y560 and the battery was faulty at arrival. Replaced it free of cost and never had any problem since.
Using Yoga 3 pro for past 4 months and there have been no problems so far. (Battery life 5-6 hours)
Beyond 3 years, no one can really say, mostly on the forum you will find people who have had issues (coz thats why they come here, right). Hope that you can get responses from more customers.
A laptop life is about 3-4 years nowadays, so you need to also look for how many years are you planning to use this one. Beyond 5 years, I think that most hardware becomes obsolete (can only use for basic purposes)
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