Fillable Reader form reverts to blank after saving

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My wife received this form when applying for a state job in Oklahoma - She completed the form then saved it. When we reopen it the data appears for an instant then disappears. You can also see the old data by clicking File > Revert but the data still shows up for just an instant and it goes right back to a blank form.
For reference I am using Reader 11.03, Windows 7. I have also tried this in the Nitro Reader 3 and get the same result. I am not opening the document in a browser.
I contact the person that sent this form to us and she reports that she hears the complaint frequently.
Any idea how I stop the form from hiding the data upon reopening?
I downloaded the form from your link, and the same thing happened to me.  Stranger, even, the original form was 816KB; after saving it with data, it was only 104KB.
Something is definitely wrong with that form, but I couldn't tell you what.
I would just send them the filled-in form; maybe the people who created it can read the data in it?
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