FCE output quality is less than average :-(

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I really hope someone can help, I'm under a crunch to complete some software tutorials and all my trials result is average to POOR quality.
*Here's the scoop* (I am testing this with only a 24sec. video):
*Using ScreenFlow >>* I am capturing my screen to create the tutorials. I am outputting them as: Web-High (best quality) H.264 multi-pass video encoding at 850 kbits/sec., AAC stereo at 96 kbits/sec., scale 100% or 1440x900 +(realizing the higher quality out the better so I can convert/compress down to flv 720X format/size and still end up with some quality)+. I've also kept the size the same throughout the process below, to no avail +(again rather go "down" to 720X so I don't lose quality, this is the desired final size for our software demo videos)+.
In Quicktime it looks absolutely awesome, clear, and the sound is perfect. I could stop here and convert these to flash for our site but I need to add intro/outros to "dress them up" and describe each tutorial. NOW...
*In Final Cut Express >>* I import the xxx.mov file in along with audio, etc. When finished with intro/outro/transitions I: 1) set mark in/mark out, then, sequence > render all(all checked). 2) File > Export > Using QuickTime Conversion > and used Default, Broadband-High and Broadband-Medium,
and I've tried every setting in "QuickTime Movie" format as well as "Flash Video FLV" and NOTHING looks worth a darn.
If anyone has any suggestions, or is local in Scottsdale, AZ and wants to work for an hour Fri or Sat (yes paid, LOL), i could really use the help.
Thanks so much up front for any help-direction! Cheers.
can't I just change the "Easy Setup" settings so it would work without degrading the input and subsequently the output? Sorry, I don't quite grasp "fixed-resolution" yet so may be asking something that doesn't have an answer.
FCE only works with certain presets available in the Easy Setup menu. If your footage isn't one of these resolutions then FCE will conform it to the sequence you have selected, downgrading the footage in the process. Final Cut Pro gives you the option to make a sequence set to the dimensions you want it to be, without worrying about whether your image matches a preset.
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