Facebook & Flickr Export Problems

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One of the new features of Aperture 3 I was excited about was the Facebook & Flickr integration. I had previously been using a free Flickr plug-in and exporting my Aperture images to iPhoto to make use of the Facebook integration.
After preparing a project with 26 adjusted/edited "keeper" images, I tried the Flickr upload button. It worked away and after a few minutes said that the process had completed. When I checked Flickr, only a portion (18 out of 26) of the images were displayed. I then clicked the "Publish" icon beside the album in Aperture, and instead of trying to re-add the missing photos to Flickr, it synced the album to Flickr and gave the Flickr images preference, thereby deleting the images that were not loaded on the initial upload. I have tried this several times and get various behaviours including a case where I got duplicate images in the Flickr set.
I tried the same thing with Facebook and had very similar problems. It does not load all of the selected images onto Facebook and a second sync then deletes the non-uploaded ones from Aperture. On another try, it loaded most (23 out of 26) of the images to Facebook, but instead of showing the images, just had empty "image not found" symbols.
Is anyone else having problems with Facebook and Flickr integration in Aperture 3?
I'll second the "stacks" issue...
I had the same issue as the OP, but once I removed stacks from the event that I was uploading from, all of my images made it into Facebook.....
HOWEVER.....a new issue turned up....for whatever reason, now my people/face tags don't make it into Facebook, even though it worked before removing the stacks. To make matters worse, if I manually tag the images in Facebook and re-synchronize A3, the people/face tags are removed on the Facebook size....I can't f-ing win.
So it looks like I have to select from the lesser of two evils:
1. If I want to preserve face-tagging, I have to be prepared for A3 to omit certain images
2. If I want all of my images to be exported to Facebook, I have to live with no face/people tags
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