Extended desktop lows resolution

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Hi all.
First of all i would like to thank you for helping people like me to solve their problems all around the world.
Did someone experiencied this?
I couldn`t set an 85HZ when my resolution was at 1024 * 768 and 32bits color quality. So I tried doing everything I find in this forum and in the nforcershq forum... nothing seemed to work... and finally........ in one try of uninstalling and installing de nvdia drivers, I uninstall the second monitor listed in the device manager, so when I went to the display properties I didn`t have the second display active(Extend Desktop in this device) and 1024*768*32bit*85hz AVAILABLE. There was the simple answer, when activating the second device(TV in my case)the first device(monitor SyncMaster753DFX)refresh rate lowed from 85HZ to 60HZ with no other choices.. the only thing I could do was to turn to 16 bits color Quality to get back the 85Hz rate.
Does someone understand what is happening?
Does anyone know if its possible to correct this situation?
Tanks in advance.  
I have a K7N2G-L and 512DDR266PC2100(spectek) in slot 3, XP SP1  
if i understand correctly, yes this did happen to me. i believe this happened when i installed the gpu drivers from the msi site. my refresh was stuck at 60hz. i was able to solve it by changing from -clone- to -standard- in display props. now use nvidia unified drivers with no above problem.
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