Excel 2011 for Mac No Longer Works. Wonder if it is Maverick?

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I am hoping someone can help me.
I am wondering if this my problem has something to do with Maverick update but my Mac Excel no longer works. I can save a file and it will open once but after that it will open but be completely blank. As for older files, ones that I desperately need, I keep getting this message: The file format or extension is invalid. Verify that the file has not been corrupted and that the file extension matches the format of the file"
I have spent hours on these forums and Mac forums reading about other peopel havign the issue and trying to troubleshoot it myself. I have already attempted opening the file by putting it in the shared folder and creating a new user. I have also cached the fonts, eliminated all fonts with warnings and duplicate fonts. I have gone into disk utility and repaired permissions. I have also tried software like Onyx to repair.I have also trashed Word font cache. Nothing has worked. Could someone please help me figure this out. I do have the files on an external hardrive and have tried uploading to a PC or Google Drive Spreadsheet and nothing has worked.
Does anyone have any suggestions or why this is happening. I no longer have the disk so I can't reload. I was wondering if my best bet now moving forward would be to revert back to an older operating system.
Any insight would be helpful.
Have you attempted to open the troublesome files with a different program that reads Excel formatted spreadsheets? Open them then re-save them in a format Excel will read.
If you use any "cleanup" or "anti-virus" or similarly categorized utilities on your Mac, don't. Junk software like that is very aggressively marketed and is capable of corrupting system and other files, resulting in nothing but misery.
You may find help on a Microsoft support forum. When you eventually grow tired of playing Microsoft's games, consider the alternatives. There are many options today, most of them are better and some are free.
LibreOffice (donation-supported)
NeoOffice ($10 but older version is free if you can find it)
OpenOffice (completely free)
Numbers ($19.99)
Keynote ($19.99)
Pages ($19.99)
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