Error when booting off install disk: "panic: We are hanging here . . ."

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My iBook's working fine except it's very slow (3 years old), so I decided to reinstall the OS.
When I try loading off my original OS X installation disk, it boots to an error "panic: We are hanging here . . ."
If I stick the install CD into the iBook while it's on, it reads the CD fine and even offers to reboot off the CD for me. But when I reboot, I get the same panic error.
When I take the CD out, the iBook loads fine again.
So my computer still works, but I can't figure out a way to reinstall. Any ideas?
fyi- I tried Disk Utility on my HD and it passed verification.
Call Apple Support. They may be able to send you a replacement disc at nominal cost (much less than new). I think you'll need your computer's serial number so they can get the correct one.
How does the computer handle other CDs? There's the slight possibility it is the drive and not the CD.
The other thing to do is to try and troubleshoot why your computer is slowing down and at least not to have to immediately worry about getting a new CD. Here's a bunch of reading. However, I wouldn't blindly go running a bunch of utilities but to address things one by one. For example, one major slow down is an over-full hard drive and no utility will help with that.
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