Error in SAP BAPI

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I'm getting a error while trying to create a SAP BAPI OTD using the Enterprise Designer. After I give the client number, username and password and click next the following error comes
Error in getBapiList(): Cannot convert field ID of type NUM to int
Do I need to configure something on the SAP server?
This has been resolved. It was happenning because of the unicode settings of the SAP system and I was giving non unicode in the OTD setting. However, I'm facing another problem.
SAP ALE eway is not appearing in my designer. I have installed both SAP ALE and SAP BAPI eway and then uploaded those in the edesginer through the upload center. In the connectivity map drop down it shows the SAP BAPI eway but not the SAP ALE eway. I have done everything which is mentioned in the documents.
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