Error  in creation of customer master...

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Dear SAP masters,
While creating customer master I am getting this error "Field KNVK-NAME1 does not exist in field status tables (TMOD*)".How can I resolve this?
What are SAP Notes?
SAP Notes give you instructions on how to remove known errors from SAP Systems. They include a description of the symptoms, the cause of the error, and the SAP Release and Support Package level in which the error occurs. SAP Notes that contain correction instructions can be implemented using Note Assistant.
You need to log on to This would ask for a S-User ID and Password. Check with your System Administrator for the same.
Once logged on, go to the link Help & Support --> Search for SAP Notes. Provide the SAP Note number. Read the note carefully and do the needful.
Contact your Basis person. He would be able to help you.
Rajesh Kumar
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