Editing a signed document

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Previously when using a form we were able to make changes to a form after the document was signed. In this way we could save a document and open it and make a slight change ( add a new name) and then save that document without having to fill it out from scratch.Is there a way to ensure that when 'done signing' is selected and the document is saved we can then open that document and make changes to fields? The document is just used for workflow purposes.
EDIT: When 'done signing' is selected a dialogue box states that- 'Any signatures or addded text will now be permanently merged into the PDF to finalise the changes and file will be saved'.
We are using Acrobat Version 10.1.3 and I believe some machines may have Acrobat 10.1.2.
Is it a stamp of your signature or a digital signature? If it's a stamp, you can simply flatten the document (annotations) and don't restrict commenting. You can flatten annotations several ways with Acrobat, but the following free JavaScript-based tool makes it easy: http://www.uvsar.com/projects/acrobat/flattener/
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