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I was using rich text field in my form in apex database application. After submit, the context in rich text field will be saved in database clob column. I experienced some difficulties to edit the info in the rich text area. For example, I could not delete the bottom lines. I thought I deleted them, but after submit they were showed up again.
Any ideas?
Many thanks
I believe The others can provide more detailed solution.
How to display MS Rich Text in a Forms item? I think You can use OLE Item for that. It works just in client/server. I don't know a solution for Web Form.
If not then how to strip the rich text formatting off. the easest way:
Use OLE Automation.
Load the RTF document into ActiveX controls or programs which recognize RTF format. I believe you can find out a lot of ones. Then save it into text file.
I think you can upload the document into server to proces it there for Web Form. (I don't know exactly, because I have never used Web Form).
The other ways:
1. Use a third party RTF-parser. For example: you can find out a lot of program to convert RTF to XML-fo, etc.
2. There is the documentation for this format on www.microsoft.com. So you can write your RTF parser. If you need to just delete all formating from the document I think it is possible. I have written one, but they quete difficult and I don't have a free time to make the example :(.
3. etc...
Best regards,
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