E-Recruiting 6.0: Business Partner Role For Branches

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Hi Experts,
In the IMG, SAP E-Recruiting > Basic Settings > Enterprise Structure > Define Business Partner Role for Branches
Can anyone help in the following:
1) What is the purpose of Business Partner Role and how does it relate the Branches? Or how can i make use of it?
2) If i am going to maintain the Company & Branches via the Administrator function instead of IMG, do I still need to configure this step: Define Business Partner Role for Branches
Thanks.  Will reward points for any helpful tips.
Hello William,
the Business Partner is an application / module which belongs to the base components of the SAP. It is used and partly extended by various other applications / modules. Next to E-Recruiting it is used for example by CRM and the financial service solution (FS-CS, FS-PM, FS-RI). All of these modules can put their data for a person or an organization into the same tables. Depending on the installation / system environment or even within one single module the requirements for available fields and business checks as on authorization differ between kinds of business partners (e.g. in FS-CS the commission solution for the financial service sector knows external agents and internal employees which have to be treated differently). The business partner is the element to assign the logical / business role in which a person is handled by the system.
For E-Recruiting you have 2 kinds of business partners, too. On the one and there are people being candidates and on the other hand there are branches of your company which hire people. The configuration allows you to seperate them if you need to identify anywhen which business partner is a branch and which is a candidate. So far I never tried if this is really working as there is no real use for this I never set it up. The attributes and the business checks are the same anyways.
Hope that helps a bit to understand the context
Best Regards
Roman Weise
PS: please remember that you have to maintain the branches via administrator bsp application. Using the IMG entry won't work.
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