DPS6: Unable to retrieve a backend SEARCH connection to process the search

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I have installed and configured DPS 6 but I cannot get it to proxy through to our back-end Sun DS 5.2 servers. The error message I get is:
Error while reading entry  [LDAP: error code 1 - Unable to retrieve a backend SEARCH connection to process the search request]As I am not familiar with the DP server I maybe making a simple mistake and would appreciate any pointers.
I have installed the DPS 6 on both a Windows 2000 SP4 server and on a Windows XP SP2 computer from the Sun Java Identity Management Suite v5 package.
I installed DS Core Server, DS EE Command-line utilities, and DPS Core Server and I selected "Configure manually after installation".
On the Win XP computer the installation path was:
              C:\Program Files\Sun\JavaES5I ran the following commands to set-up and configure the server:
     dpadm create -p 389 -P 636 C:\Program Files\Sun\JavaES5\ldap-proxy
     dpadm enable-service --type WIN_SERVICE C:\Program Files\Sun\JavaES5\ldap-proxy
     dpadm start C:\Program Files\Sun\JavaES5\ldap-proxy
     dpconf create-ldap-data-source Sun1 directory1.example.com:636
     dpconf create-ldap-data-source Sun2 directory2.example.com:636
     dpconf list-ldap-data-sources
     dpconf create-ldap-data-source-pool Sun_internal
     dpconf attach-ldap-data-source Sun_internal Sun1 Sun2
     dpconf list-attached-ldap-data-sources Sun_internal
     dpconf create-ldap-data-view Customer_data_r/w Sun_internal ou=Customers,dc=example,dc=com
     dpconf create-ldap-data-view Partner_data_r/w Sun_internal ou=Partners,dc=example,dc=com
     dpconf create-ldap-data-view Staff_data_r/w Sun_internal ou=Staff,dc=example,dc=com
     dpconf set-ldap-data-source-prop Sun1 is-enabled:true
     dpconf set-ldap-data-source-prop Sun2 is-enabled:true
     dpconf set-attached-ldap-data-source-prop Sun_internal Sun1 search-weight:100
     dpconf set-attached-ldap-data-source-prop Sun_internal Sun2 search-weight:200
     dpadm restart C:\Program Files\Sun\JavaES5\ldap-proxyI have now been scratching my head over this for several days, and I have installed and re-installed the server several times on the different computers. I have also had a problem registering the DPS with a remote DSCC; checking the cacaoadm I see:
     cacaoadm status
       default instance is ENABLED at system startup.
       default instance is not running.
     cacaoadm start
     cacaoadm status
       default instance is ENABLED at system startup.
       Current retries count : 1/4
       Cannot connect to agent: Unsupported protocol: jmxmp
     cacaoadm verify-configuration
       CONFIG ERROR   : Java Dynamic Management Kit home is not valid, Cannot locate [lib] inside [C:\DOCUME~1\ADMINI~1].Any help that can be given will be greatly appreciated; thanks
The error message indicates (not very clearly I agree) that DPS could handled the request but could not contact the appropriate Directory Server (no connection).
There are several possible reasons for this.
First is directory1.example.com a valid fully qualified domain name on your machine. I.e. does this name resolve into an IP address ?
Second the host:port used for directory1.example.com is 636 which is the default secure LDAP port. This implies that you probably wanted to have a secure connection between DPS and the Directory Servers.
Well, dpconf has no way to specify that the port is intended to be a secure one. And will always consider that the port specified is the regular LDAP port. (I opened a bug about this and I hope it'll be fixed in 6.1).
Secure connections and information must be configured afterward.
To configure SSL between DPS and an ldap-data-source, please refer to the Administration Guide : <http://docs.sun.com/app/docs/doc/819-0995/6n3cq3b3q?a=view>
As for the jmxmp issue, it looks like the JDMK component on Windows was not installed. Did you install it with an Administrative account ?
Could you try to uninstall and re-install ?
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