Don't understand Verizon policy from a business point of view

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I have a basic 2 line account with Verizon ( no smartphones) which I have had for years. I have had contracts renewed over and over when the contract expired. Now I am looking to upgrade to 2 smartphone plans but have 3 months left under my current contract. I was told I wasn't allowed to renew the contract while an existing contract is in place ( not even if the new plan is a larger plan) I did have the option to use EDGE to pay 20 per month for each phone, I thought it would be 20 per month until the old contract is up, kind of like a pro rate type of deal. But No, I had to pay 20 per month until the full 800 is paid in full..........but if I wait 3 months until my contract is up I can get the phones for nothing.
So, I 'll wait 3 months, but in the meantime you can bet I will check out other carriers and see what they have to offer. I just don't understand why Verizon would risk losing a customer or customers over 3 months even if the customer wants to lock themselves in with a larger plan that only has 3 months to go on the older contract. Kind of like sports free agency, lock them in while you can, especially when it is benefitting the company in the long run.
Swoosh2229 wrote:
But you ask would that even make sense with the new car analogy? Yes it does make sense, especially when the new car will be completely free of charge in 3 months.
What??? You have only 3 monthly payments left on your CURRENT car and you trade it in for a NEW car. You think if you make 3 payments after getting the NEW car it would be paid off in full??? Possibly if trading in a BMW and  getting a Honda Civic in exchange, otherwise you would have SEVERAL(years) payments before that car would be "completely free of charge".
Funny, I've never seen a car dealership offer financing for new cars with a 3 month payback option. They are normally 36, 48, 60 and 72 months to pay off the financing. Never seen a 3 month financing deal. THOSE must be some pretty SUBSTANTIAL payments. Learn something new every day.
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