Displaying MS Word File in browser

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Can anyone pls tell about the method to display MS word file present in a folder in my site on the browser.
I dont want it to give it as download dialog box.
It may still be easier to use Google Documents.
But if you don't want to do that, I suggest that you check SourceForge or jakarta.apache.org. There's a project called POI that lets you process some Microsoft Office documents in Java (Excel in particular), and there's probably one that deals with Word docs. Someone may have already written a utility that uses that to turn Word into HTML. Then you could tie that into your servlet environment.
Trying to display the Word file on the user's browser, directly, as a Word file and not processed into something else, is likely to be a tremendous pain in the butt.
Another thing you could possibly do is convert all your Word documents into HTML or XML or some other more portable format, before you even install them on your server. Make it part of your build/deployment process. It sounds a bit painful, and it might be at first, but doing things at build time is much nicer than doing it at run time.
Generally, I'd advise moving away from Word format completely, even before build time, if you can possibly get away with it.
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