Detail region does not refresh when selecting from a drop-down list in master region

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I am using DW CS3 and have updated to version 1.6.1 of Spry.  Using an XML dataset, I am able to create a Spry table as the master region that links to a detail region that displays a small JPG graphic.  It works fine in this format (clicking on a row displays the correct graphic).  However, my table has 80 rows and requires the user to do too much scrolling. So I changed the master region to a drop-down repeat list, but the graphic does not change when a new selection is made in the drop down list.  Listed below is the code produced when I used the insert Spry Repeat List.  I got the same results when adding a spry:setrow="dsChartNurse".  I also tried -- onclick="dsChartNurse.setCurrentRow('{ds_RowID}');" -- which again made no difference.
When I removed children from the spry:repeat, the master region displayed as a two column list of all 80 items in a drop-down list format.
<div spry:region="dsChartNurse">
       <select name="select" spry:repeatchildren="dsChartNurse">
         <option value="{name}">{name}</option>
<div id="image" spry:detailregion="dsChartNurse">
   <img src="{dataimage}" align="center" style="margin:50px 0 0 0"width="320" height="164" />
Thanks so much to anyone who can help correct my code in order to have a drop-down list display information correctly in the detail region.
Thanks for the quick reply.  I did solve the problem I was having by changing from onclick to onchange in the master region.  But, now I have another problem with, of course, IE.  I just put in online at  When opened in IE, the drop down list displays the last entry, but the image is for the first in the list.  Thanks again for your help.
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