Deleting a STO PO

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Hi All,
I am trying to delete the STO PO For which the Goods issue has been done and accounting Doc has been cleared. when we check the Document flow it is showing me as below.
Purchase order  xxxxxxxxxx                             31.10.11
Replen.Cross-company xxxxxxxxxxxx             14.09.10 Being processed
Picking request xxxxxxxxxx                               14.09.10 Completed
CE Incompany Invoice xxxxxxxxxx                    17.09.10 Completed
Accounting document xxxxxxxxxxxx               17.09.10 Cleared
TF to cross company xxxxxxxxxxxxxx               20.09.10 complete
When i am checking the status of PO it is showing as 'Not yet delivered'. I am able to see the stock in Transit(MB5T).
Note: The period has already been closed for this PO
Can I go a head reversing the Accounting and cancel the billing document and reverse the Post goods issue and can I cancel the PO?
Can i directly mark "Final Invoice Indicator and Delivery Completed Indicator to close the PO?
If u require any more Info please let me know.
Please suggest the further steps to be made if there are.
Thanks In advance,
Venkat Naveen wrote:
No, Because I have created another PO and everything has been done in it. Thats the only reason I want to close this PO.
> Thanks a lot for the response.
This cannot be, your goods issue was done in refrence to the PO you want delete.
if everything was done to another PO, then this would include the goods issue as well.
if you want delete this PO, then you should check the PO history what has already happened to this PO.
e,g, was the invoice posted.
if yes you have to cancel the invoice receipt first, then you cancel the invoice on the shipping side, after you have cancelled the invoice, you can do a VL09 to cancel the goods issue, then you can delete the delivery, finally you can set a deletion flag to your PO.
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