D-link dir 655 - how to install shareport app?

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My network consists of two windows 7 ultimate laptops connected via a router into DIR--655 and an ipad mini running ios 6.1.3
I use Share Port V1.17 for printing and this all works fine, but can't use it for ipad!
D-link kindly sent me a .dmg file which is a share port app for ipad and will enable printing.
I unzipped the dmg file and it is sitting in dropbox on the ipad - how do I install this please?
You can't install a dmg based on the iOS. It is for installion on Mac OS X. You will need to go to the App store to see if there is a corresponding app for the iPad.
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    My network consists of two windows 7 ultimate laptops connected via a router into DIR--655 and an ipad mini running ios 6.1.3 I use Share Port V1.17 for printing and this all works fine, but can't use it for ipad! D-link kindly sent me a .dmg file wh

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