"Currently unable to add funds to your account. Please try again later."

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ultimatedeterus wrote:
I tried to add funds to my PSN account with my debit card. but seems like it did not work.it showed "Currently unable to add funds to your account. Please try again later."and also i found there's $1 pending transaction on my bank account. WTH is going on?how can i fix this problem?and I'm pretty sure the billing info on my PSN account is EXACTLY as same as the one on me bank statment.The transaction pending is the way that PSN validates your account. It attempts to withdraw, then deposit £1 or $1 then refund it.  If you are unable to do it yourself on the PS3, try waiting 24 hours as you may have inadvertantly triggered the lockout. (several attempts that fail will lock it for 24 hours). If after waiting it still doesn't work, give customer support a call and see if they can help. The EU numbers are available here.
r3KoR_Infinity wrote:
I have the same problem. It just recently occured though. I used my old debit card with no problem at all and purchased a bunch of games in the Playstation Store, however I lost my DC a week ago and got a new one. Obviously I changed my billing information and that's when the problem started.
1) I see a small pending transaction to Playstation Network which proves that my data that I put in was correct.
2) Called the bank which confirmed that I have enough funds for the purchase and also confirmed that my card is active.
3) Tried to buy a game in Google's Playstore for my phone, which also refers to that same DC number and had no problems.
4) Contacted PSN/SEN customer support and got no response.
I would buy PSN cards if I could but since I am currently living in Thailand i need to say that it is really hard to find one. I am not even sure if there are PSN cards for the Thai region, since if I do see some they are for the US region. Thus I am really dependent on my DC purchases.
Any way of solving this?
The billing address for your card must match the residential address on your PSN account for the transaction to complete.
Are they both registered to the same address?
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