Currency Issue in Shopping cart & PIR

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I am facing the following issue. Please let me know if there is a solution to this behavior.
User Employee currency in the PPOMA is USD.
User creates a shopping cart for a material ID for which there are 2 sources of supply. PIR details is in the attachment. PIR has CAD as
In the shopping cart, I do not see currencies at all for the PIRs . When I assign a supplier, in this case I expect 12.71 MXN to convert to USD at the line item level based on the exchange rate. This is not happening and the system is not converting the value based on the currency exchange rate. Exchange rates are maintained in the system.
Hi Sathya,
Please check the following:
1.     Is your approval process defined at the header level or item level. Means approval is triggered based on the total value of SC.
2.     What is the company code currency - USD or ??
3.     If USD then the SC will take USD itself.
4.     When you create and order --> in the PO the Vendor currencies will be displayed with converted value.
5.     Also check when you click on assign vendor the 12.71 MXN should be your line item currency instead of 12.71 USD and total value should be converted to whatever company code currency.
6.     Please check in SRM/ERP - TCURR table whether the correct Exchange rate type for example M is maintained in both the systems. Please also create a manual PO in backend system to check whether it is working correctly in the backend.
7. Please check the following posts, may be helpful:-
From RBEI,
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