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I am very new to Crystal Reports and for some reason the online content for CR is abysmally low and not lucid enough in most cases.
I am designing a simple Invoice type report in CR and am using an Access database with .accdb extension.I have been able to connect the database to my CR environment but now I am not able to design a suitable Query in CR which can enable me to display the
I have two tables in my database-InvoiceTran and InvoiceDetail.The InvoiceTran table has a primary key under which the details are saved in the InvoiceDetail table.
What I want to be able to do in CR is to select an Invoice Number in the InvoiceTran table and then print only the related details from the InvoiceDetail table(in the Detail section of CR) along with some other fields from the InvoiceTran table.I will also
need a SUM field in the Invoice Footer.
It was very easy in Access reports in which a suitably designed query did the trick but for now I had to abandon it due to a designing problem that I ran into.
Thanks in advance,
You're not finding online content here because CR is (as of VS 2010) no longer part of Visual Studio as delivered. It is a separate add-on.
The forum where you're most likely to fin help with CR in VS is here:
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