CRM 5.2,  how to define an assignment set in the runtime depository?

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We are using CRM 5.2. I have created a new component and view and the view is exposed as an interface view. Now i have to include this in the overview page of BP_HEAD component. I have enhanced BP_HEAD component and enhanced the view required as well( View Name BPHeadOverview). I have added my new component as the used components in BP_HEAD.
But when i open the enhanced view, i don't see any available assignment blocks. Standard overview page of BP_HEAD had some available assignment blocks but the enhanced one doesn't. Also following message is shown  "Define an assignment set in the runtime depository". How can i add my new component and interface view to the available assignment blocks of the overview page of BP_HEAD? Thanks for your help.
Hi Sudipta,
Thanks for your help. I am making good progress.
I believe i am quite close to completion now. Need your help with following questions though -
1) I have a context node BUILACTIVITY. Now i need to only display partial list from this context node? Is there a way i can do this directly with the context node or i have to create a new node and manipulate? If so any tips there?
2) When i create new view it doesn't have graphical representation option any more? Is it that way only? If so can i just create table view and use it?
3) When i create a form view and try to insert a table using <crmic:tableView> tag, i am getting an error messge saying "//BUILACTIVITY/Table" is not a table? What could be the issue?
Thanks a lot for your help again.
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