CR: Error in File ~tmp2be86bbf9f5e260.rpt: Database Connector Error

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dear all, this has finally got the better of me.
i have been successfully scheduling a set of reports each month, until now. they all come back with the following error, each with a different ~tmp.rpt file
Error in File ~tmp2be86bbf9f5e260.rpt: Database Connector Error
each report communicates with an SAP ECC system. the user is fine, i have even tried my username to connect to sap, and same error occurs.
no runtime errors in sap.
the actual reports can be opened with crystal reports, and refreshed to show data without any problem.
could this be an integration issue. i checked by removing the sap role, and adding it back without any issues.
i have also cloned the CrystalReportsJobServer and tried to schedule with this one, same thing happens
here are the instance details
Title: Inv Count Cars 
Document Type: Crystal Report 
Status Failed 
External Destination: None 
Owner: ABC~400/GSMITH 
Server Used: ABSAP02.CrystalReportsJobServer 
PID: 11240 
Folder Path: Reports/ 
Remote Instance: No 
Creation Time: 1/09/2011 14:59 
Expiry: 1/09/2021 14:59 
Start Time: 1/09/2011 14:59 
End Time: 1/09/2011 14:59 
Printer: None 
Formats: Crystal Reports 
Parameters: null; chrysler 
Error Message: Error in File ~tmp2be86bbf9f5e260.rpt: Database Connector Error 
could this be an integration ?
i would very much appreciate anyones help
Edited by: Glen Spalding on Sep 1, 2011 7:27 AM
all servers up and running without any problems
ODBC database connection works fine
here a list i have made, so i can remember what i have done
the issue is on the production box, and the dev box works fine.
1. checked sap user, ok
2. checked individual reports, ok
3. checked dev environment, ok
4. checked production IFRS & OFRS, ok
5. checked production report on dev environment, ok
6. checked working dev report on production environment, failed
7. u201Crepairu201D of installation kit
9. cloned server, server failed
10. tried rogue sap user/password on dev environment, returned different error
11. bounced production, same problem, failed
12. checked OBDC connection
13. checked new SIA with new Job Server, still same thing, failed
14. No Windows Events
15. SAP note raised (0000724225 2011)
16. BOBI Server Trace files nothing obvious
17. tried with report sample to different backend, and CrystalReportsJobServer, ok
18. brand new crystal reports with different user, failed
19. noticed in trace file error 707 with JobScheduleChild process
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