Could someone help me figure out why after saving a form some subforms are hidden again

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I am asking this on behalf of a coworker.  We have a form she is working on with a drop down (ddlDropDown) with 1, 2, and 3 listed (same values,,1,2,3)  That trigger hidden subforms to appear (Employee1, Employee2, Employee3).  Initially, Employee1 is visible.  If form user selects 2 or 3 in the dropdown then Employee2 and Employee3 become Visible.  Once the form is filled in, saved, closed and reopened Employee2 and Employee3 are hidden again even though the dropdown says 2 or 3.  The script behind the dropdown's change event is:
I have tried adding this code to the form's initialize, docReady, preOpen, postOpen, layout:ready events but it still doesn't work.
Any ideas?
Here is a sample I created based on your comments and it works just fine for me after saving the form.
Employee2 and Employee3 subforms have their presence property set to hidden.  I have the script in the exit event of the dropdownlist.
Here is the sample:
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