Cost of producion item not related to actual costs of items isued to prod

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I have a scenario where a production order for producing a quantity of one of a specific item has been created and released. The Planned quantity of the unique Item used for production in Components Tab is 10, the  Issue method is Manual
In Issue for production screen the quantity recorded is 12, 2 more than the planned
Then the receipt for production has been recorded for 1 item.
Valuation method for all involved items is Moving Average
The system behavior expected by myself was the cost of the produced item was the cost of the component multiplied by 12. However the cost the system calculates is the cost of the component multiplied by 10.
While the Summary of the production order shows Actual Component Cost as multiplied by the Actual Product Cost is just multiplied by 10
Some ideas here?
Many thanks for your answer. I will try to explain the business scenario and why I think the cost should be different . In my explanation the sequence of actions and people performing actions is relevant.
1. Product Engineering clerk determines producing parent item will require 10 components and based of that the BOM is created by Product Engineering clerk with 10.
2. Production planning clerk creates production order based on BOM
3. Production planning clerk releases the order
4. Production clerk (the actual performer) requires 5 components to raw material warehouse (nothing recorded in SAP)
5. Warehouse clerk 1 (at raw material warehouse) gives 5 components to production clerk. Warehouse clerk 1 uses Issue for Production transaction to record 5 components issued to production order
6. Production clerk identifies that for this specific production order 10 components should not be enough so for finishing the order requires 7 components to raw material warehouse (again, nothing recorded in SAP)
7. Warehouse clerk 1 gives 7 components to production clerk. Warehouse clerk 1 uses Issue for Production transaction to record 7 components issued to production order
8. Warehouse clerk 2 (at finish goods warehouse) receives the item produced and uses Receipt from production transaction to record 1 item received
From 4 to 8 actions the interaction is just between production clerk and warehouse clerks. It is not expected warehouse clerks neither production clerk have access to modify production order details. They just record what they do.
At the end of the day the reality is that this specific product just produced costed more because more components were used (think the components can be kilograms of a substance or even pieces that can be with some defects just identified at production). And yes, there is a variance between the original order details and the actual components used. All this is shown at Order Summary Tab.
But if the product is been valued using moving average method why the real components issued to production are not used to calculate the cost of the finished product and rather the "planned" components are been used?
I have tried the option you mention. To modify directly the order but to issues arise from here.
a) Every single time some extra components are required the Production planing clerk has to updated the order?
b) If we do so no variance is reported and no action can be taken to avoid this variance.
Your thoughts?
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