Control authorization of mass change functionality via PCUI

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We are having the following issues with the Opportunity iview, package for CRM 5.0 and contains functionality CRMD_BUS2000111).
Once the user clicks Go..he has the list of Opportunities. He can select some or select all and use "Mass Change".
We would like to control the functionality of "Mass Change" attribute in the backend CRM System so that only a few people can be authorized to do this. However we are not able to find any CRM authorization
object that controls the mass change activity for opportunities and pursuits in the backend CRM System.
What is the backend CRM Authorization object that controls this functionality in the backend CRM System ?
In IW38/IW3N we added our own Mass-Change button (in addition to the standard option) via Enhancement Spot ES_EAM_LIST_ENHANCEMENTS_EXT. This was required to perform functions that don't exist in the standard mass-change function e.g. mass-add/delete operations, mass-un-TECO, mass-un-CLSD, etc.
This Enhancement Spot may work for IE05 too.
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