Connectivity issues because of many users on at the same time.

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I notice this has been getting worse and worse, and last night my wife almost didn't get on in time to finish a college assignment.My wife noticed that there were about 7 or 8 people online at the same time. It seems anytime there are 5 or more we cannot connect at all.
 After a few hours we noticed there were only 2 people online, and what do you know we got on right away. Is it possible that over the years we have exceeded our bandwidth and now are just too overloaded? It sure seems that way, and was pretty much proven last night.
 Is there anything I can do about this? love to switch to FIOS ,but I'm afraid our mayor is in bed with Comcast (so to speak), so chances of getting FIOS here are pretty much nonexistant.
Without knowing which router you have (Verizon has supplied several different DSL router/modems), it is hard to give specific directions for your specific router.
1). You can determine your speed by connecting to your router ( and logging in.
Usually the user id is Admin and the password is passwd or password, but on some routers there is a sticker that identifies the password. If nothing works, try reseting the router. Once you are logged in, print out the 'transceiver stats', that will tell you what the speed on the link between you and the central office is. If you post that information, we can also tell you if your line can support a higher speed than you currently have.
2). Once you are connected to the router, you can also check the wireless settings. If you have never set it up, it may be an unsecured network, in which case anyone can use it. You probably want to change that. While everyone says how wonderful WPA2 is, the reality is that any security, even WEP will very effectively discourage and effectively prevent others from using your wireless network.
Good luck.
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