Color correction for indesign document?

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I've made a photo book in indesign but when test printed the yellows are coming out green.
The problem is consistent throughout.
Is there any way to correct the colour of the entire document?
I have no control over the printer or colour profile used as these are specified by the printing company (Blurb).
My current solution is to recalibrate my monitor and re-colour each picture individually in photoshop, however this strikes me as a laborious solution to a very common problem.
Perhaps my google-fu is weak but in searching for a solution all I find is page after page of people saying how to set up the colour profiles corectly. I know how to set up colour profiles but on this occasion managed to make a mess of it, as have several million other people judging by the number of pages google can find on the subject.
If I had a set of CMYK sliders I could fix the problem in seconds, so the idea of messing with my computer's settings then individually correcting over 100 images seems absolutely insane, yet this is what the wisdom of the internet keeps telling me to do. Surely there's a better way?
If there's nothing in indesign for correcting print colour, can the document be exported and coloured elsewhere?
Thanks in advance for anyone's thoughts on this,
[email protected] Pixie
Yes I am using the Blurb profile etc. The problem is that I made a balls up of calibrating my monitor - 100% my fault.
What I am trying to find out is whether there's a quicker way of rectifying the mistake than re-calibrating the monitor and then re-colouring each picture indivdually in photoshop?
Is it possible to export the document from indesign, then re-colour the document as a whole and save it in the pdf version 1.3 required by Blurb? If so what software would I use for this?
For reference, I am using indesign CS6 and photoshop elements 9. This is just a stop gap until my new computer arrives and I can use everything from creative cloud and acrobat pro. I point this out because there may be a solution using the full fat photoshop to colour a pdf that's been exported from indesign, but I'm unable to experiment at this time.
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