CIF issue u201CNo data in table TRFCQDATA selected (internal )u201D

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Hi SAP Gurus,
I am facing CIF issue in R/3 quality system after this system has been refreshed with production. When i try to activate the integration model for any data, the inbound queues are failing with status "u201CNo data in table TRFCQDATA selected (internal )u201D. When i try to delete this queue and activate the integration model the same is getting activated. But seems like activation is not happening as expected. Please advise on how do resolve this issue of u201CNo data in table TRFCQDATA selected (internal )u201D.
I have been looking into the SAP note 961154 for the resolution. But when we tried the same implementing and it thrown up an error message saying that its applicable to DB2 database .We are having IBM hardware with Linux and oracle database. Please any one of you know what SAP note is applicable in that case. I am  not sure of what needs to be maintained in that tabe TRFCQDATA and the significance of the same.
Based on your replies, i am thinking of reaching out the SAP by raising an OSS note.
Thanks in Advance.
The destination in SMQR should either be empty or pointing to a destination on the local system. If you configure it with a destination pointing to other system, then you will get this problem, because the data is only available on the local system and the inbound luws should only be processed on this local system.                                                                               
Please check the note no 369007, specifically question 11  to ensure you have the correct settings.Also go through the note description and answers to other questions and see if it helps.                                                                               
Also check the following notes:                                                                               
697884 - Queues in SMQ2 are not processed.                             
524419 - Procedure for large-scale queue jams.                         
523974 - Inbound/outbound queues are not processed.                    
527481 - tRFC or qRFC calls are not processed.                         
564612 - FAQ, Q+A, SM59, RFC destination, RFC error                                                                               
I hope I could help.
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