Changing status in the LMS after retrying a quiz (good fisrt time and failed second time)

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Good evening,
I have a question on Captivate. Is it normal that when my client does a new time a validate lesson he observes that the only one result memoried is the last even if the first was ok (Complete and more than 80%) and the second is failed (Incomplete and less than 80%) ?
Can I do something on Captivate ?
LSM platform : WBT
Version Captivate 5
Thank you for your answers,
This should be controllable in the LMS settings.  It's not controlled by Captivate.
Check your LMS for some setting related to how the Attempts are scored.  Here is a snapshot from Moodle's SCORM attempt settings:
As you can see, the options are:
Highest attempt - which retains the best overall score from any attempt
Average attempts - calculates an average of all scores
First attempt -
Last attempt
So look for something like this in your LMS admin settings for the SCORM course.
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