Change cursor to pointer in spry photo gallery

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Can anyone help me, I have created a website using Adobe's Spry Photo album and I need the cursor to change to a pointer to give the user an indication that there will be an action occuring when the thumbnail in the gallery is clicked.
Dave Powers suggested that I use a "hover pseudo-class" and gave me this code and suggested I put it into my Style sheet.
.thumbs:hover {
   cursor: pointer;
I tried this but it did not work.
The website is:
Have I put this code in the wrong place, if so where should it go?
poloswartzenegger wrote:
Hi Nadia, thanks for the input, I tried your suggestion and the cursor remained the same. I am trying the suggestions before uploading to my server, that is why you will not find David's code anywhere.
Ah, that confirms why I couldn't see it  :-)
copied and pasted directly into the css stylesheet initially, but that did not work. Do I have to create a new rule in the style sheet and if so would it be a class? and once that rule has been made how do I add the code?
Well, into the stylesheet would be better because if you have the a similar gallery on another page, the other pages will read it too, if they are linked to the stylesheet.
Yes, it is a class.
Perhaps .thumbs should read .thumbnails as I do not think thumbs is anywhere in my code?
If there is a .thumbnails class in your current stylesheet and it refers to the styling of the thumbnails, then yes, replace thumbs with thumbnails and see if that works.
On a very quick look, I couldn't see a class for the thumbnails, all I could see what a class for the .thumbsContainer.
I'm only going by the code that David supplied you to make sure you place it in the correct place for testing purposes.  I have not used this gallery before and am not sure of all the styles associated with it.
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