Capturing multiple formats

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Hi. I have an American JVC BR-DV3000 deck that is multisystem (PAL and NTSC) connected to my British G5. I need to be editing from mini-DV tapes from both formats. Everything worked fine with NTSC tapes. I assumed when i put in a PAL tape I would just change the sequence preset and the capture preset to PAL in A/V settings, but changing those presets to PAL, and changing all presets to PAL, and every other configuration doesn't work. Device Control seems to work, but preview is disabled and capturing results in an instantaneous error. Please help!
G5   Mac OS X (10.4.4)  
I have that deck. As Jerry said, look on the back and you'll see a PAL/NTSC switch. Set it and the deck will turn off, reboot, then come back on in the new format...
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