Can't remove Gimp drivers to install new Epson driver

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I just bought a new Photo printer (Epson Stylus Photo R1800.)
I go to add the printer in the Printer Setup Utility
click Add (The printer appears in the Printer Browser)
I select it; Then it wants me to select the driver from the list in the "Print Using" drop down.
The driver doesn't appear on the list.
I get a ESPON list but only the Gimp list.
ESPON tech support said these 'old' drivers may be conflicting with the new one.
SO, I try to delete old drivers. I delete ESPON folder from Library>Printers. RESTART.
EPSON - Gimp still there.
SO, I also delete Gimp.pkg from Library>Receipts. RESTART
EPSON - Gimp still there.
How do I get rid of these Gimp Epson drivers so I have a chance of loading the new drivers?
I have loaded the driver from the Epson CD 5 times and it doesn't show up anywhere.
Any hints?
Shows you how much the Epson Tech Support people know...........
There is no conflict. You ADD using a different method - After clicking ADD, don't immediately accept the printer when it appears in the browser - instead, click More Printers, then select Epson USB or Epson Firewire, then select Format for: All. Now you are using the Epson driver instead of the Gimp-Print one. Deleting the Gimp-Print drivers won't change this procedure.
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