Can't log in with newly created user on new install of Arch [solved]

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Hi all,
Yesterday I installed Arch anew (because I had a hardware failure that took out my hard drive), but now I'm encountering an issue with logging in.
After following the installation guide, and creating a new user, I find that I'm unable to log in as said user.
It complains about wrong password, but it's the exact same password that I entered mere moments before that, when creating the new user.
I can "log in" as said user by first logging in as root (which does work) and doing "su - <username>" (though then it doesn't ask for a password).
Can someone point me in the right direction to fix this problem?
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I think cfr meant to say you shouldn't "fix" bash path - as some users did. Unfortunately there's a bit confusion wrt which paths should be used - see this ML thread.
Some say we should keep /bin/foo for compatibility, others say that we should boldly move to /usr/bin/foo.
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