Can't copy files to external hard drive

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I have had both my MacBook and external hard drive for over three years now, and have never had a problem. In the last week, my external hard drive stopped letting me copy files onto it. When you try to drag and drop it just comes up with the blocked symbol. I have tested this with other hard drives as well and keep getting the same error. I've read other forums where it seems the answer is just to reformat the hard drive to the correct format, but I've never had a problem before so it seems strange that the format would just suddenly change.
All suggestions welcome!
me to no problem until nowdays
and the file is movies 1080 so is one file 7-8-9-10 gb
the weird is i see the movie from memory stick
but i cant copy
i restared but i cant format the memory stick becouse i use it in windows
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