Can't access Video after updating to IOS 4.2.1

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I have just updated my iPod Touch 2nd gen and now every time I try and go on the Videos I just get a blank white screen, and it returns to the Home Screen.
Does anyone else have this problem, or know how to get the Videos working?
- after they gave me a new iPod Touch 3rd gen on factory 3.1, I synced and everything worked fine as I stated above (with 5 movies, 15 TV shows and about 1000 music videos).
- I upgraded to 4.2.1 and same thing happened, pressing music icon gives me white screen for roughly 10 seconds then back to home.
- I can access videos through music icon however.
- I then wiped everything and retored to factory on 4.2.1 and synced only Apps, movies, TVS shows... all worked well.
- When I synced music videos, I did them about 200 at a time this time around. Each time upon completion going back and pressing music icon. As I added more videos the wait time on the white screen after pressing videos icon got noticeably longer, until I got up to about 700-800 music videos, then it would just white screen for 10 seconds and back to home.
- I then started removing videos and the functionality came back, leading me to believe I have found a repeatable bug, which is what I will discuss with Apple shortly.
For those of you having the same issue, how many music videos do you have? Through trial and error I have found it to be around the 600-800 mark the video icon stops working.
Please try removing some of your music videos so you have about 200-400 and let me know if your functionality comes back.
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