Can some one help me with my wii [email protected][email protected]??!?!?!?

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ok, its not that i want ot know why this sems to be such a big problem, i just would like to know how to fix it! hopefully this isn getting old hat, but it seems to some times want to connect, and some times not( or atleast fund an access point), but when it does, i've entered the correct password i dont know how many times in a row, but it would not reconize the password, then i got it to by not entering a password at all..... only to have it fail the connection test..... yipee, and i thought nintendo was the mac of the game consoul world! itd be simply awesum, no MIRACLUS!, if some one could guide me thru step by step on how to set this up!!!
-the big turd in the sky,
turdfurgisin, Welcome to the discussion area!
Are you using an AirPort Express (AX) to create your wireless network?
Are you using wireless encryption? If so what type (WPA2, WPA, or WEP)?
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