Can not insert or update [TABLE] from internal table in method

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I've faced a problem with OO abap. I've tried to insert into [ TABLE ] from internal table, but i've got error msg after i compiled.
"An explicit work area is necessary in the OO context. Use "INSERT wa INTO [TABLE] itab""
After  i changed to loop in work area and INSERT INTO  [TABLE] VALUES gw_data., everything is fine, can compile and run.
This is error code.
  METHOD set_data_to_table.
    REFRESH gi_data.
    CLEAR gi_data.
    IF gi_file[] IS NOT INITIAL.
* Set data for modify table
      LOOP AT gi_file INTO gw_file.
        MOVE-CORRESPONDING gw_file TO gw_data.
        me->conversion_input( EXPORTING im_vendor = gw_data-vendor
                              CHANGING  ch_vendor = gw_data-vendor ).
        APPEND gw_data TO gi_data.
      INSERT [TABLE] FROM TABLE gi_data.
*      LOOP AT gi_data INTO gw_data.
*        INSERT INTO  [TABLE] VALUES gw_data.
*        IF sy-subrc = 0.
*          COMMIT WORK.
*        ELSE.
*          ROLLBACK WORK.
*        ENDIF.
*      ENDLOOP.
      MESSAGE 'No data found' TYPE 'I'.
  ENDMETHOD.                    "set_data_to_table
Hi Matthew,
I think there is no difference in database insert between OO and non-OO.
The correct syntax according to ECC600 online documentation is
[Inserting Several Lines|]
To insert several lines into a database table, use the following:
This writes all lines of the internal table itabto the database table in one single operation. If one or more lines cannot be inserted because the database already contains a line with the same primary key, a runtime error occurs. You can prevent the runtime error occurring by using the addition ACCEPTING DUPLICATE KEYS.
Whenever you want to insert more than one line into a database table, it is more efficient to work with an internal table than to insert the lines one by one.
I think the syntax
INSERT my_dbtable FROM TABLE gi_data.
should work, your suggestion may lead to syntax error.
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