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We have recently migrated from Disco to 10.1.2
Everything looks ok - we are able to look at existing workbooks and business areas. And we can export business areas successfully.
When we try to import some business areas it returns - JOINS NOT FOUND WHERE REQUIRED and fails. This is now causing a problem with how we promote from our test/uat and prod environments.
any ideas ?
Here's some information from Support that helped me...
Discoverer has many options on exporting and importing objects. Entire End User Layers, Entire Business Areas or only selected objects could be exported. To simplify the process of exporting and importing Business Areas, it is suggested that the export and import process should be done with entire Business Areas. The reason why it is not recommended that selected objects are exported and imported as a norm is to simplify maintenance.
It is still possible to export and import selected objects, but a knowledgeable Administrator is recommended to head the procedure. The process could get
very complex and difficult to manage.
Some Additional Notes:
- Join conditions are exported, but are not indicated as an object. Join conditions are only exported ** if ** the joining folders are exported.
- If the ‘refresh’ option is performed in Discoverer Administrator on an object and the underlying object on the database is not available, the object is dropped from the EUL. It is of utmost importance that the objects exist on the underlying database before the ‘refresh’ option is executed.
- Functions and Workbooks are not exported when exporting an entire Business Area. Functions and Workbooks have to be exported separately.
The first bullet is what was giving me this error "JOINS NOT FOUND WHERE REQUIRED". I was unable to do a full export - another unrelated error, so I came up with an alternate solution. I created a new BA that only contained the standard folders that my two custom BA's referenced - by JOINS and inclusion in my complex folders. I exported all 3 and they imported into the new instance with no issue.
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