Can I upgrade to lion when i have a 2 GHz Intel core duo processor ( my computer is 6 years Old)  I have snow leopard now.

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Can I Upgrade my computer to Lion.  I have a 2 GHz Intel Core Duo Processor.  My computer is 6 years old.  Right now I have Snow Leopard.
I have an old iMac about that age that I upgraded to Lion to test my 3rd party applications for compatibility. It upgraded quite simply. Please backup or save all your info/etc to an external CD/DVD/Hard drive, then try to run the installer. The Lion installer will analize your Mac for compatibility before it does anything, and will alert you to it's decisision. My 17" iMac is also 2 GHZ Intel core duo. Surprisingly for many of the things I use it for it works as good as my multi thousand dollar MacPro workstation. Best of luck. But Lion isn't compatible with many third party applications and drivers for printers; scanners; etc.
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