Can I upgrade to Lion on my 2 GZ Intel Core Duo MacBook Pro?

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I am running Snow Leopard on my MacBook Pro and cant seem to figure out how to upgrade to Lion.  Mountain Lion is not compatible with this machine, but maybe Lion is?  How to do this?
You need 2 GB RAM at least, but 4 GB is a better working amount.  You can buy more RAM at and for proces you will like, and can find instructions for replacing it.
Read this for application that do not work under Lion:
Make a *very* good backup before upgrading.  I suggest a clone with CarbonCopyClone ($40 download).  This will make a "bootable" backup that can be used to reload SL in case of failure during upgrade.
There is also SuperDuper, but at last report it does not clone the "Recovery Partition" of Lion that CCC will backup.  Buying a clone package that work with Lion for future backups is a good idea.
You can call 1-800-676-2775 to buy a download code to use in MacAppStore.
But read the compatibility list first to see if you will lose apps.  If you do, you can always keep an external disk with SL on it OR load Lion on a separate partition in your internal drive and choose which one to boot.
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