Can I retrofit from SAP ECC to SAP R/3

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My understanding was yes. However how do I set this up in SMSY? My system is coming in as an R/3 Enterprise system. However when I select the system role for post processing only my SAP ECC systems show up in the drop-down.
How do I include my SAP R/3 system:clients in the SAP ECC drop down?
Hmmm, it can be done both the ways. What system you need to keep it eventually?.
Form your point, Your ECC system is defined right?.
If thats that case, goto Txn SMSY-><your SID>-> Header Data-> Installed prodiuct version->from the free selections select SAP R/3->and the related compoent-(I Guess ECC server). This actually creates by itself an duplicate in R/3. but you have to un-check the leading product role box. (You can have the desired system- by cleaning up the inconsistencies).
The vice versa in the other case.
Does this sound OK. I know, its bit confusing all over, Please try it for a test/Sandbox SID first, to get that on place.
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