Buddy not showing online on one user account

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I have multiple user accounts on one IMac. One buddy shows up as always offline on one account but shows up as online on the other accounts (the buddy is online). I've checked and rechecked the AIM account name and it is correct and identical to the one on the account that is working. Any ideas on what could be the problem?
Hello Ralph,
I've really got myself confused and hope you can help.
iChat has been working flawlessly for me - iMac 20" Duo OS X10.5.2. Have a friend in NY with an AIM account running OS X10.4.11 but though we can see each other, I cannot hear her - she can hear me. However, when I went to my iMac PPC G4 running OS X10.4.11, we can both hear and see each other perfectly.
I have another friend in Berkeley with an iMac Duo OS X10.5.2 and we can iChat perfectly. But when she tried to chat with our friend in NY running Tiger, same thing - Berkeley can see NY but not hear her. Again, the NY person can hear both of us but we cannot hear her.
But when I go to my iMac G4 and try to chat with my Berkeley friend running OS X10.5.2, she appears offline. The only way to get her to appear online is to have her change her security setting to allow anyone. As soon as she does this, I can see her come online and we can chat. But, I appear offline to her even when I change my security setting to allow anyone. We could still chat though. We tried using the allow specific people, but that did not work either.
Now I run back upstairs to my iMac Duo, and sure enough, Berkeley and I can see each other online and chat just fine as usual.
The problem seems to be with trying to chat with someone running Tiger and the other(s) running Leopard. Perhaps something else? Changed Quicktime to 1.5, but did not fix the problem. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Ralph.
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