Bluetooth n95 not working with headset

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i have recently bought the motorola s9 bluetooth stereo headset. there are a couple of problems. it works fine to connect for the first time using the code on the phone. then if i turn the headset off and on it connects and immediatly disconnects. this is a problem but not a major one.
the biggest problem is the music cuts out all the time for a couple of seconds. i have tried placing the phone right next to the headset and it stil happens. i have read the other n95 forums and see this is very common with the new firmware (i had already installed new firmware so i dont know if this happened on the old firmware).
does anyone else have this problem with another headset or can anyone give me a solution. how often does firmware come out. and is it possible to delete the new firmware.
Same problem here, unfortunately - iPhone 3G & 3.0 do not work with both the SHB6100 and SHB7100 by Philips.
Philips SHB6100 + iPhone 3G 3.0: A2DP *does not work*
Philips SHB6100 + Nokia and SE phones: A2DP works
Philips SHB6100 + MacBook Leopard: A2DP works
Sony DR-BT30Q + iPhone 3G 3.0: A2DP works
Complaining here, however, is not really going to help as these are user to user forums and there is nothing users can do to fix this. Please report this issue at the Apple iPhone Feedback page @
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