"because all of the podcasts do not exist"

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I hope someoone can help. I have no idea what I did wrong. Anyhoo, I spent a week at my Mothers housesitting and downloaded Itunes..only to discover her computer too old..so did not do anything. I come home and plug in my ipod and everything I try to load gives me this message +Podcasts on the ipod "Janes Ipod" cannot be synched because all of the podcasts selected for synching no longer exist.+
Literally everything not just podcasts, music, audio books and all get this message. The titles are in itunes and I can play directly throught itunes so they do exist....somewhere...thank you in advance for taking me out of my misery
+**Help if you can...thank you....**+
Well, does anyone know another way to troubleshoot my problem. I am unable to wait around hoping for a message board entry that may never come. Is there a toll free number, an email, anything....many mANY THANKS
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