Ascii characters in the beginin of each data indexed part. How can i fix it?

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My data are indexed (coming out from For loop structure) and the saved file has some ascii characters in the beginin of each indexed part. For example,
#@@% 1,1 2,3
3,4 5,4
5,6 7,6 (end of first acquisition)
#$% 2,3 7,9 (beginin of second )
3,1 4,5
5,4 6,4
The file is a sequence of arrays that form, all together, a single and bigger array. If i acquire data, say 10 times, and save to file, the problem will be repeated 10 times, each one to each acquisition. I attached the program (Labview 6.0). You can put some random numbers just to make it works. Thank you.
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I tested your vi under LV 7 and it runs fine. I think you are reading your file as a string, and you recorded it as "spreadsheet string" ( the format is different) . That means you have extra characters for spreadsheet info like tabs, etc. If you read your data using "read from" your arrays of data should be ok.
Hope it helps you.
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