Application crashes when calling DLL built with LabVIEW 2011

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Hello everybody,
Our application calls DLLs built with LabVIEW 2010 SP1. We installed LabVIEW 2011 and built some DLLs. So far so good. If we start our application and run 2010 DLLs it still works fine. If we run a 2011 DLL just once no error happens, but if we try to run the same 2011 DLL our application crashes reporting the error below. I saved the code for 2010 version and built a DLL and it works fine. Does anyone know why?
Thank you in advance.
#Date: Fr, 16. Sep 2011 16:25:25
#OSName: Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 3
#OSVers: 5.1
#OSBuild: 2600
#AppName: PasTA
#Version: 11.0f2 32-bit
#AppKind: AppLib
#LabVIEW Base Address: 0x30000000
16.09.2011 16:25:26.181
Crash 0x0: Crash caught by NIER
File Unknown(0) : Crash: Crash caught by NIER
minidump id: 8a779b3f-51d7-4864-8e4d-6ab0195cd158
ExceptionCode: 0xC0000005
0x3072C804 - lvrt <unknown> + 0
0x3072CBB8 - lvrt <unknown> + 0
0x7C864191 - KERNEL32 <unknown> + 0
0x7C83AB50 - KERNEL32 <unknown> + 0
0x00000000 - PasTA <unknown> + 0
error.PNG ‏11 KB
On that note, you should be able to create DLLs in 2010 and run them with 2011, correct??  In my case, I have a 2010 built DLL (talking to sbRIO), most of the functions work when run in 2011, but a couple of them lock up LabVIEW on the desktop (but not the sbRIO), no lock ups happen with 2010 on the desktop.
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