AP Invoice Aging Report by GL Date (using: Accounts Payable Trial Balance)

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Need some suggestions:
I need to develop a custom report in (R12).
Account Payable Trial Balance Report, does have the capability to run as of a particular date but it does not show aging buckets. This custom report is to be developed to meet the requirements from a Payables detail perspective as well as to reconcile.
The report should show the balance due as of the report date selected. If As of Date = 5/31/11, then when the report is run on 6/15/11, it gives the results as it existed on 5/31/11. If we run it again on 8/31/11 for As of Date = 5/31/11, and again on 1/13/12, we get the EXACT SAME results each and every time except for the following fields: Current Status, Date Paid and Payment Reference Number.
The end result should be this report ties to the penny to Oracle GL as of the date selected EXCEPT for any JEs posted to the account.
Hi Pravin,
For all transactions in Oracle, you will have GL dates (Accounting Dates) associated to it. If you use this date in your query to filter data, then you will get correct aging data as on a given date.
To tally with GL, you also must check if the selected transaction has been accounted?
Raajkumar G
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