ALV Layouts are missing in ECC6 after upgrade

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Dear Friends,
we have an issue of missing ALV Layouts in ECC6 after upgrade of ECC6 from 4.7 version
For example, we have a custom table ZRCILOT, data displayed using tocde se16, but when we check layout are missing in ECC6 but the same exist in 4.7 version.
please check the attached screen-shots.
kindly suggest, is there any possibility to retrive it.
Munvar Basha.
Variants should be preserved by the upgrade...
You could export/import layout using the report from the here under note
551178 - FAQ ALV Layout
During the upgrade of or when importing Support Packages?
Answer: Layouts created by the customer are retained and you can continue to use them.
643330 - ALV layout: Importing and exporting layouts
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