Airport extreme base station with Hp 3210 all in one printer

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Just bought and hooked up the above. Using with iBook G4. Still dealing with dial-up unfortunately, but got online just fine. When I tried to print on the above, it immediately dialed up when I hit "print". ?? What's going on?
I have a pretty old HP all-in-one (G55) printer/scanner/copier device. Plugging it into my AEBS seems to not let me print to it. I have the most recent driver from HP.
Do you think it's my setup, or is the AEBS somehow not compatible with the older HP devices?
No the problem is with the HP driver.
Try using the HPIJS drivers.
For those with the older base station.
Use the process outlined here:
HP Printers (and others) not on compatibility list and Airport Extreme Printing
Also, is it possible to fax, scan, etc through an all-in-one device plugged into an AEBS?
No, not via the USB port.
Can I scan using my all-in-one when it is connected to the USB port of an Airport Express or Airport Extreme Base Station?
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